Does Nintendo Have A Handheld Future Beyond The Switch? Yes, Say The Experts | Nintendo Life

“There is a market for millions who love a standalone games portable system”.

The Switch is a transformative product in Nintendo’s history. The hybrid console straddles the divide between domestic and portable gaming, giving players the best of both worlds – but it also marks a significant change from tradition; prior to its release, Nintendo adopted a twin-system strategy where home consoles would be sold alongside dedicated portables, like the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, DS and 3DS.

Some would argue that this shift has been a long time coming; the recently-discontinued 3DS has sold 75.9 million units worldwide – hardly a failure, but a fact which makes it the weakest-performing dedicated handheld that Nintendo has ever released, lagging behind the likes of the Game Boy / Game Boy Color (118 million), Game Boy Advance (81.5 million) and the Nintendo DS (154.02 million). The arrival of devices like smartphones and tablets has certainly changed how people play games on the move, and the Switch has proven to be the ideal solution to this change – from Nintendo’s perspective, at least.

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