Feature: Skyforge Developer On Bringing The Fantasy Sci-Fi MMORPG To Switch | Nintendo Life

“Switch porting became one of the first big tasks done entirely remotely due to Covid”.

A Switch release for fantasy sci-fi MMORPG Skyforge was announced by MY.GAMES and developer Allods Team recently with a ‘Fall 2020’ launch date. While the exact release date hasn’t been announced, this is coming from the same team that dropped F2P tactical team shooter Warface on the Switch eShop at the start of the year with no prior warning, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see Skyforge suddenly appear ready-to-download at a moment’s notice.

Originally developed in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment, Skyforge released on PS4 and Xbox one in 2017 following a PC launch two years earlier. It will be another addition to Switch’s growing library of free-to-play games, but an MMORPG of this scale which presents a constantly changing and evolving universe is a very different beast to something like Warface. We recently caught up with Dmitry Lisichkin, Development Team Lead on Skyforge for a quick chat to find out a little more about the game and the challenges of bringing it to Switch.

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