Japan is discounting its Switch Joy-Con controllers and I hope Nintendo passes on the savings to the rest of the world | Destructoid

As anyone who has replaced their drifting Switch Joy-Con knows: those little controllers can get pretty expensive to replace.
The asking price, in US dollars, for a pair of Joy-Con is $80, which is a huge amount of money to spend, even if you’re just looking to replace one busted remote at $40. It’s been this way for many years as Nintendo hardware rarely drops in price this close to release, but there might be some hope out of Japan.
Spotted by Japanese Nintendo, the price of Joy-Con remotes in the region have dropped from 4,480 yen per remote to 3,740 yen per remote (before tax) on the official store. That’s roughly¬†$5 per remote, which would put a new $80 bundle at $70, US. That bundle, mind, is still 7,480 yen (about $80): it’s just the single Joy-Con that are being discounted.
Still, I’ll take it! Going into the new generation, it’s already going to be a pain to buy (and potentially replace) brand new PS5 controllers.
Joy-Con [Nintendo via Japanese Nintendo]
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