Review: FIFA 21 – EA Insults Switch Owners Yet Again With This Half-Baked Effort | Nintendo Life

Don’t spend your Mané on this.

Okay, enough’s enough. Ever since EA first brought the FIFA series to the Switch with FIFA 18, Nintendo fans have been given a lesser version of the game seen on other systems. At first, we gave EA the benefit of the doubt and put it down to the challenges of porting a game to a less powerful system with a user base who hadn’t seen a new FIFA game for half a decade.

We even smiled when the game’s producer explained in interviews that the reason the Switch version had fewer modes than the Xbox One and PS4 versions was because “The Journey” story mode was only possible with the power of the Frostbite engine (despite only being a bunch of cutscenes) and Ultimate Team would overwhelm Nintendo gamers if they were exposed to everything it had to offer right away. It was complete nonsense and ever so slightly patronising, but hey, it was their first year, so we held our tongue and decided we’d give EA time to establish the series on Switch and see where it would go from there.

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