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Amazon Prime Day is live now, and runs through the end of tomorrow, October 14. If you’re looking for video game deals, I have some good news for you: they’re here. The not-so-good news is they aren’t quite as all-encompassing as we had hoped they’d be… at least not yet. We’re updating this article continually with all the latest.

However, there are still plenty of video game deals on Prime Day, and if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, there’s a great selection of games on sale right now. Many first party Nintendo games, which have historically been averse to sale-pricing, can be picked up over Prime Day at some truly excellent discounts. Nintendo Switch games have been enjoying sale prices for a while now, with their discounts going in and out for weeks leading up to now. If you missed out on a Nintendo Switch game deal on your favorite game or games, Prime Day has you covered.

The rest of the video game deals aren’t quite as free flowing as the deals on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X preorder, I wouldn’t hold my breath. There are however some excellent prices unlikely to be topped on Black Friday on a variety of accessories and storage options.

Here are the best Prime Day gaming deals happening right now. We’re also tracking the best Prime Day deals, regardless of category, so you can maximize your level of saving.

Prime Day Video Game Deals

[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-prime-day-nintendo-switch-console-deals”]

[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-prime-day-nintendo-game-deals”]

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[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-prime-day-nintendo-switch-accessories-deals”]

[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=amazon-prime-day-microsd-deals”]
[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-prime-day-playstation-subscription-deals”]
[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-prime-day-xbox-subscription-deals”]
[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-prime-day-nintendo-subscription-deals”]

[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-amazon-prime-day-external-storage-deals”]
[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-prime-day-hard-drive-and-sd-storage-deals”]
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