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Amazon Prime Day is well under way, and the deals so far range from “OK” to “great.” While there are no heart-stopping Prime Day video game deals to be found, there are plenty of opportunities to save on Nintendo Switch games, as well as a good line-up of Prime Day PC deals.

The most popular deals so far, according to our own data, are listed below. Far and away the Prime Day deal winner is Amazon’s $10 credit on gift cards. If you like free money, I recommend checking it out. Reminder: most of the best deals, including the gift card credit, are available only to Prime Members. If you aren’t a member, you can sign up for a free trial and reap all the benefits and savings until the trial period expires.

The Most Popular Amazon Prime Deals So Far

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We’ll be watching out for all the best Prime Day deals until the event ends tomorrow, so this list will almost certainly be updated. Best Buy’s Prime Day counter sale is also in effect, as well as deals from Walmart and Newegg.
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