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Books can transport us to strange new worlds, help us envision what life could be like as another person, teach us new skills, and so much more. While books are an excellent destination medium for entertainment, education, and everything in between, the advent of audiobooks has allowed books to become constant companions.

Now we can dive into books wherever we are, whenever we want, whether we are busying our hands with other work or not. If you have been looking for ways to expand your audiobook library, Audible is knocking $50 off the 1-year membership for new subscribers, meaning you can get unlimited access to the entire Audible library for a full 12 months for just $99.50.

The subscription also gives you 12 credits, which you can use to add any title from the premium selection, no matter what price they are, to your collection forever, even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Audible 12-Month Membership Deal for Prime Day

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The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Before the deals, there is something important you should know. Right now, if you’re going to spend $40 on Amazon, you can save some cash and send yourself a $40 gift card and Amazon will send you $10 in Amazon credit within 24-48 hours.

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Also, it’s important to note that you’ll need to have an active Amazon Prime account to score the steepest of discounts. You can sign up for Amazon Prime right here. Moreover, if you’ve never taken advantage of the free trial for Prime, pick up the 30-day trial right now and save money even without a subscription. You can even cancel your subscription before the first bill shows up, if you want to roll that way. If you’ve already used the free trial, you can subscribe for $12.99 a month, or $119 for a full year.

The Best Computer and PC Deals are incredibly popular, as are the plethora of Nintendo Prime Day deals, and if you want to see everything Prime Day has to offer, you can check out our exhaustive post on the best Prime Day deals. If you want to know what everyone else is buying, check out the Most Popular Amazon Prime Day Deals So Far.

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