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The Nintendo Switch is, in no uncertain terms, a massive success. It seems like everyone has one now. Its high-demand, coupled with supply issues, have made the Nintendo Switch a hot commodity over the summer and into the fall, to the point where just finding a Nintendo Switch in the wild is cause for celebration. As such, there aren’t any Prime Day deals on Nintendo Switch consoles, but if you want to buy the Animal Crossing special edition Switch, it’s been available for a couple of weeks now.

One of the strengths of the Nintendo Switch is how easily its storage capacity is expanded. Both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite work with off-the-shelf microSD cards. That means adding more room to store Switch games is as easy as popping in a higher-capacity microSD. Fortunately there is a great selection of Nintendo Switch compatible microSD cards on sale for Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch Memory Card Deals

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If you’re looking for external hard drive deals for your Xbox One or PS4, Amazon has plenty of choices for those, too. The storage solutions will also work to store all the extra games your PS5 or Xbox Series X won’t be able to fit in their super-fast SSDs, so if you managed to preorder one of the new consoles, I recommend preparing yourself with the extra room. Prime Day deals end tonight, so don’t hold off.
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