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Built it and they will come.

Nintendo products have always had a certain magic about them. From the earliest examples, such as the simplistic-yet-addictive Game & Watch handhelds, to more recent offerings like the motion-driven Wii, touch-focused DS or cardboard-based Labo, the Japanese veteran has a genuine knack for creating toys which raise a smile by simply taking existing concepts and turning them into something new or unexpected. Few could have anticipated that Nintendo would take its million-selling Mario Kart series and bring it into the real world using remote control vehicles, but the first time you sit down and play Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, it feels simultaneously natural and pleasantly surprising all at once.

The concept is relatively simple, but we’d imagine the tech which powers it – courtesy of start-up Velan Studios, which also did much of the heavy-lifting from a software development perspective – is quite advanced. Essentially, you’re controlling an RC car using your Switch, with a live feed being displayed on the console’s screen (or the TV when playing docked). A camera situated on the top of the car delivers said feed to your screen, while the Switch itself overlays virtual elements such as other racers, item boxes, red shells and trackside obstacles.

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