Review: Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed – Flashy Fighting Ruined By Basic Gameplay And A Lack Of Content | Nintendo Life

Into the Zoid.

This new Switch release takes us on a trip down memory lane to the world of Zoids, Tomy’s massive mechanical animals and their mad human riders who’ve been doing the rounds since all the way back in 1984. Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed, which originally released as Zoids Wild: King of Blast in Japan last year, ties into the long-running series’ most recent anime outing – 2018’s Wild – and is intended as a fighting game skewed towards a younger audience. As such, the action here is easy to grasp, heavily repetitive stuff and, while it certainly looks and plays well enough – especially in docked mode – there’s a paucity of modes that, when combined with the overly simplistic nature of the gameplay, means this one grows old pretty fast.

Jumping into Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed’s tutorial mode and getting acquainted with the ins and outs of how these metal beasts and their human pilots operate is a brief and rather tedious affair. Over the course of a handful of chapters you’ll learn you how to attack using light and heavy variants, dash around the screen, block, feint to left or right, activate your special attacks and unleash your character’s titular Wild Blast technique. It’s all super straightforward stuff that can look pretty spectacular at times, but don’t be fooled; in practice, this is one of the most button-mashy, braindead fighters we’ve played in quite some time – a problem that’s exacerbated no end by ludicrously simple enemy AI who are a cinch to pummel into perfect submissions.

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