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The PlayStation 5 is almost here. We’re less than a month away from the next-gen console’s release, and we’re already seeing some great deals on PS4 games that come with a free PS5 upgrade. Even if you haven’t scored a PS5 preorder, you can still save lots of money on PS4 games, as well as accessories. Read on for all the best PlayStation deals available right now. And come back later as well, because this page is frequently updated with all the best PS4 and PS5 deals.

Best PlayStation Plus Deals

If you didn’t know it already, scoring a deal on PS Plus is easy. Just hit up Daily Steals and enter promo code IGNPSN at checkout to get a year’s subscription for $34.99. That’s a big discount off the typical price of $59.99 per year. [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=daily-steals-subscription-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=amazon-playstation-subscription-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=playstation-store-subscription-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-buy-playstation-subscription-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=gamestop-playstation-subscription-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=walmart-playstation-subscription-deals”]

For my money, PS Plus is one of the best deals in all of gaming. Not only does it let you play your games online and store your saves in the cloud, but it also gets you free two PS4 games each month. You can keep and play them for as long as you’re a PlayStation Plus member. And, PS Plus members get extra discounts during many sales on the PlayStation Store. Finally, once the PS5 comes out, members will also get access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, a treasure trove of games that includes of some of the best games of the PS4 generation. If you play PlayStation regularly, a PS Plus membership pays for itself in basically no time.

Best PS4 and PS5 Game Deals

A game console is only as good as it’s games, and you don’t have to look far to find discounts on PS4 games these days. Here’s a selection of all the best PS4 game deals available now at a variety of retailers. [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=amazon-playstation-game-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-buy-playstation-game-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=gamestop-playstation-game-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=walmart-playstation-game-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=playstation-store-game-deals”]

At this point in the PS4’s life cycle, you can get huge savings on the vast majority of the biggest games on the platform. For starters, there’s the PlayStation Hits line of games that offers a wide variety of fantastic games for $19.99, including behemoths like Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, God of War, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Bloodborne, and on and on.

But in addition to that, retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, PlayStation Store, and GameStop offer weekly sales in which you’ll find a revolving array of titles discounted for a limited time. We always keep the above list of deals up to date to make sure you can find the best games on sale at any given time. If you don’t see something you like today, check back later in the week.

Best PlayStation Accessory Deals

A new PlayStation 4 generally only comes with the console and a controller. To get the most out of your hardware, you’ll probably want to consider picking up a few accessories. But as with the consoles themselves, most PS4 accessories are not on sale right now, either. If we find some worthy deals, here’s where we’ll put them. [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=amazon-playstation-accessories-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-buy-playstation-accessories-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=gamestop-playstation-accessories-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=walmart-playstation-accessories-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=playstation-store-accessories-deals”]

Some of the most useful accessories include extra DualShock 4 controllers, PlayStation VR, and wireless headsets. Even if you can’t score a deal, you may want to pick up a headset or extra controller at list price. Chances are, you’ll get your money’s worth out of them.

Best Storage Deals

[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=amazon-external-hard-drive-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-buy-external-hard-drive-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=newegg-external-drive-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=walmart-external-drive-deals”]

If you own a handful of games, it’s no secret that the PS4’s onboard storage can run out fast. That’s especially true with massive space hogging titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare taking up absurdly large chunks of hard drive space. And if you’re a PS Plus member who regularly downloads the monthly free games, you’ll be out of space before you know it. And no one likes juggling games on their hard drive, especially considering how slow the PSN can be.

Thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to expand the onboard storage. Just plug in one of the discounted external hard drives above, format it in the settings menu, and you’ll be able to keep more games at the ready.

PS4 Console Deals

[poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=amazon-playstation-console-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=best-buy-playstation-console-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=gamestop-playstation-console-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=playstation-store-console-deals”] [poilib element=”commerceDeal” parameters=”slug=walmart-playstation-console-deals”]

For several years there, PS4 console deals were relatively easy to come by. Not so in 2020, thanks to both the pandemic and the impending release of PS5. While you may be able to find a new PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro at MSRP, we’re not seeing many actual discounts at the moment. If that changes in the future, we’ll drop them here.

And in fact, you’ll often see (possibly shady) third-party retailers selling the consoles for above the suggested retail prices on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. So unless you really need a PS4, try to get them at MSRP or below. For reference, here are the standard retail prices for PS4 models sold without pack-in games.

  • PS4 Slim – $299.99
  • PS4 Pro – $399.99

Those are all the best PlayStation deals. Be sure also to check out our Best Xbox Deals and Best Nintendo Deals if you’re a multi-console owner (or looking to become one).

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Chris Reed is IGN’s shopping and commerce editor. You can follow him on Twitter @_chrislreed.

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