Don’t miss the beautiful (and very weird) opening movie to Balan Wonderworld | Destructoid

Square Enix has released the stunning opening movie to Balan Wonderworld, the upcoming platform adventure from studio Arzest, headed up by legendary industry veteran Yuji Naka.
The beautifully directed video sees our heroes, Leo and Emma, and they are whisked into the colorful and whimsical Wonderworld of Balan, a charismatic showman with just a touch of uncomfortable weirdness. Bombarded by cute, fuzzy creatures, Leo and Emma journey through a phantasmagoria of the strange sights and sounds that make up Balan’s Wonderworld.
The mysterious adventure itself will see players guide the duo through a vista of 12 ever-changing worlds, exploring stages while utilizing a huge host of special abilities earned from over 80 in-game costumes. At the heart of Wonderworld is self-discovery, and as they progress through the game, Leo and Emma will face their own joyous memories and deep-seated worries. It all sounds very intriguing, and with Naka at the helm, will most assuredly be one to watch out for.
Balan Wonderworld launches March 26 on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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