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Here’s some good news for people who read books: Ready Player Two arrives November 24. Better yet, you can save on preorders for the hardcover or Kindle versions right now at Amazon in the US, and UK readers can preorder it for 10% off.

Ready Player Two is the followup to Ernest Cline’s massively successful 2011 novel Ready Player One. Little is known plot-wise about Ready Player Two, but assuming it’s a direct sequel to the original, it will likely dive deeper into the workings of the virtual reality world of the Oasis. You can also expect it to be rife with references to video games and other pop culture from the 1980s.

(Note to UK readers: clicking the links below should take you to

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I won’t spoil the original in case you haven’t read the book or seen the Spielberg-directed movie; you have plenty of time to catch up between now and the arrival of the sequel.

And what do you know, you can snag the book or movie for a discounted rate right now as well.

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