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The new Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is now available to purchase for $49.99 (see it at Best Buy). A remake of the company’s first handheld gaming devices, this Game & Watch comes with a full-color copy of the 1985 game Super Mario Bros., as well as the sequel, Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels. It’s a limited-edition product, but it’s in stock now.

Just like an NES controller, the device has a plus-shaped D-pad, as well as A and B buttons. Also included is an updated version of Game & Watch: Ball, the first title in the series. It’s an extremely basic black-and-white juggling game from 1980. The new version has Mario juggling the balls.

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The Mario games cover the “game” part of the device, but as its name suggests, it also acts as a clock. It displays the time using a layout that resembles a Mario level, complete with enemies and Mario running around. The trailer says the clock portion contains 35 “little touches to discover.”

It’s unclear how many units Nintendo is manufacturing, but the company is calling it a limited-edition device. If you want it, you’d be better off placing your order sooner rather than later.

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