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Time was, first-party Nintendo games seemed like they never, ever went on sale. Well, I guess it didn’t just “seem” that way, it was pretty much the way of the world. You famously had to the “Nintendo tax” when you wanted to buy a game, even an older game. With Nintendo’s runaway success with the Nintendo Switch, they don’t need to mark down their games, and yet, here we are: first-party Nintendo games on sale at Best Buy right now.

These aren’t also-ran first-party games with mediocre savings, either: these are solid Nintendo games with great discounts.

Nintendo Switch Game Deals

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If you’ve been holding off on Fire Emblem, Link’s Awakening, or any of the other games on sale right now, go ahead and smash that buy button. The best part is both the physical AND the digital versions are on sale for the same prices. Will the wonders never cease? Spoiler: they will.

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