Hardware Review: Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. – A Gorgeous Object That Leaves You Wanting More | Nintendo Life

Time to shine?

Looking back on the history of Nintendo as a maker of video games, it’s clear that the Game & Watch line was a significant step; not only did it allow Nintendo’s core developers to hone their skills with snappy, engaging titles, it also gave them the opportunity to evolve their hardware talents, coming up with innovations such as the famous ‘cross’ D-Pad and dual-screen play – innovations which would influence the entire industry, as well as future in-house projects, like the DS and 3DS.

Another equally important moment in Nintendo’s history was the arrival of Super Mario Bros. in 1985, the game which – alongside Donkey Kong – is arguably responsible for establishing the Japanese company as a major player in the world of interactive entertainment. Given that 2020 is the 35th birthday of the game that took plain old Mario and made him super, it makes sense that Nintendo has chosen to celebrate it not only with another re-release of the NES title (is it possible to have too many ports of Super Mario Bros. in your home?), but one that also pays homage to the earlier success of the seminal Game & Watch line.

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