Poll: Rate Your Favourite SNES Games | Nintendo Life

Help us assemble the top 50 Super NES games ever.

It varies from person to person, of course, but your favourite console generation is often the one you played most in childhood — in that impressionable pre-to-early teen sweet spot where a foundation of gaming memories are formed. That’s when you play the classics you return to later in life for the sheer pleasure of seeing old friends and blasting though a comfortingly familiar game using muscle memory. For many of us, the 16-bit era cemented our love for video games, and later this month the Super Famicom turns 25.

With the anniversary fast approaching, we’d like your help to assemble the top 50 Super NES games ever. We recently asked asked you to rank the top 50 Wii games, and the ordering of this list will be similarly fluid, dictated by the games’ User Ratings in the Nintendo Life Games database and therefore subject to change even after publication. Once an entry reaches a minimum number of ratings, it becomes eligible for our Top 50 SNES games list.

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