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I’m feeling exhausted yet weirdly energized this morning, and that can only mean one thing: I stayed up too dang late with a new Souls game. My inability to tear myself away from this series – to responsibly call it a night well before I take “just one more peek” at that cool area up ahead – is as potent as ever.
For a remake of a deeply-played game like Demon’s Souls, that’s no small feat. It’s impressive how much Bluepoint is able to evoke a sense of intrigue and excitement for long-time fans while still staying overwhelmingly true to From Software’s flawed but way-ahead-of-its-time source material.
Whether it’s the so-short-you-hardly-notice-them load screens, the grand orchestrated score when a boss enters the room, the stunning visual details in the distance (Stonefang and the giant towering heart in Latria), the revamped characters (oh my god, Patches!), or the freaky new sound design (you aren’t ready for the Man Centipedes, or heck, even just an accidental exploding pot you strolled into in the dark), there’s so much to take in, even for familiar players. First-timers are in for such a treat.

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