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If you have an Apple lover in your life, then they might be interested in all of the high-tech products the maker of the iPhone and iPad have to offer. While that would require a ton of money, even one device can make someone’s 2020 holiday season a truly special one.

Whether they need a new computer or laptop, a new phone, or even some AirPods or an Apple Watch, we’ve gathered all the best Apple products in one place to help make your decision a little bit easier.

Apple has also released cheaper devices, like the iPhone SE and Apple Watch SE, that contain many of the features of the more expensive devices, but at a much more affordable price. These are great options for younger ones who may have finally turned an age to be trusted with an Apple device.

Even if you just want to purchase a loved one a gift card to help them make their purchasing decisions, we’ve made this holiday guide for you to help make someone’s day just a little bit brighter and more awesome.

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Best Apple iPad Gifts

Apple’s iPad is a great gift option as it can do so much and provides a big screen for watching TV or movies and looking at family photos.

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Best Apple iPhone Gifts

If you have an Apple lover in your life, chances are they can’t be peeled away from their iPhone. Purchasing the newest one for them will undoubtedly be a great choice.

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Best Apple MacBook/iMac Gifts

Whether your loved one needs a new laptop or home PC, it’s hard to go wrong with an Apple product.

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Best Apple Airpods Gifts

Who needs wires anymore? Apple’s AirPods solve that problem and offer great sound quality as well.

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Best Apple Watch Gifts

An Apple Watch will be a great gift for any iPhone owner, as it will alert them of their calls and texts, track their workouts, and so much more.

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Best Apple Gifts

From an Apple Gift Card to the Apple TV 4K to Apple’s HomePod, here are some general Apple gifts that will surely be a hit this holiday season.

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The Best Gifts for 2020

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