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Black Friday officially begins next week, but the event has been extended far beyond the scope of a single day. Amazon’s Black Friday deals kick off this Friday, and it’s calling the event “Black Friday Week.” What the name lacks in creativity it more than makes up for in its efficiency of data delivery.

All the major online retailers are having Black Friday sales, which means you can look forward to some truly awesome opportunities to save big on gaming PCs, laptops, motherboards, RAM, and possibly even graphics cards. Possibly… but unlikely.

Best Dell Black Friday Deals: What to Expect

Dell has always come through with the Black Friday deals, and this year looks like the trend will continue. Dell’s Black Friday ad lays out some of the deals, but in my experience Dell Black Friday deals are much wider than its advertisements let on. Expect some surprises, based on previous years.

Live Dell Black Friday Deals

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Best Newegg Black Friday Deals: What to Expect

Newegg is the go-to place for PC gamers looking to put together their next glorious gaming rig, even if it means checking there first and then checking elsewhere for a better price. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around. According the Newegg Black Friday flyer, those of us in the PC gaming sphere will have plenty of chances to upgrade or scratch-build a new PC and save. There’s also a chance, albeit slight, we’ll see Xbox Series X and PS5 restocks from Newegg, since they carry game consoles. In fact, I got my Xbox Series X preorder from Newegg.

RTX 30-Series Deals: How to Get One of NVIDIA’s New Cards on Black Friday

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see any deals on the new 30-series cards given the fact it’s nearly impossible to get one at the moment. However, many retailers have been offering prebuilt gaming PCs powered by one of the new RTX 30-series cards. If you want to get your hands on an RTX 3080, for example, your best bet is to buy a prebuilt gaming PC specced out with one. While I don’t think we’ll see deals on prebuilt gaming PCs, I do think we’ll see prebuilt gaming PCs with 30-series cards available for purchase from Newegg, Amazon, Dell and Origin, to name a few.


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