Nintendo Enlists Brie Larson And Awkwafina To Expand Switch’s Reach This Christmas | Nintendo Life

The stars show off why Switch is the must-have console.

You could argue that any money Nintendo spends on marketing the Switch this Christmas is a waste, given that the console is selling like hotcakes and awareness is already super-high, but it’s worth remembering that the hybrid system now has two next-gen rivals to contend with – and with that in mind, Nintendo has started rolling out the kind of wide-reaching promotional material that was commonplace during the heady days of the DS and Wii.

Nintendo has enlisted the assistance of Hollywood star and self-proclaimed Animal Crossing fan Brie Larson for one of its commercials, where she runs through some of her favourite Switch games. In another ad, actress and rapper Nora Lum – better known as Awkwafina – shows off why the Switch has been such a boon during a year of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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