Terrifying, shirtless Lord Tachanka rework is now live in Rainbow Six Siege | Destructoid

Well, we all had a good run. We attacked, we defended, we all did our very best. Sometimes you’re the spawn-peeker, sometimes you’re the spawn-peekie. Either way, it is now over for all of us, from Bronze rank through Champion. Kiss your loved ones goodbye and prepare for The Last Ride……The Tachanka rework is now live in Rainbow Six Siege.
That’s right, after years of meandering in one spot – bucket on his head, turret in his hand – Lord Tachanka is finally going mobile. The devastating Spetnasz Defender can now carry his fearsome turret anywhere he damn well pleases, spraying death from the hip like it was a mere Super Soaker… A Super Soaker full of bullets… Like a gun.

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