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Black Friday is situated in a very busy time for gaming in 2020. While the holiday season is always jam-packed with new releases, 2020 brings the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the brand-new and next-gen launch consoles for two of the biggest video game consoles available.

This means hype levels will be beyond the regular limits going into November, especially if more stock becomes available. It’s unlikely we’ll see any deals on the consoles, as any stock is a big deal in and of itself. But, there’s more to talk about than just the new consoles, despite them predictably grabbing most of the headlines now, and probably for the rest of the year as well. We’re also covering the very best Black Friday deals on all video games, tech, and gadgets for 2020.


Black Friday Deals on Xbox Video Games


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Best Buy

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Black Friday Deals: Xbox Controllers and Accessories at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and More


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Black Friday Deals: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold

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Xbox Series X Consoles Confirmed to Be In Stock During Black Friday

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Plan of Action: How to Get the Best Xbox Deals on Black Friday

Making sure you come out on top when it comes to Black Friday savings is actually quite simple, know what you want. One of the big draws to the event is impulse buying, seeing that big glowing sale sign and just jumping into the endless dark vortex of discounts, bundles, Cyber Mondays, and a new Oral-B toothbrush for $79.99. Know what you want.

We’ll be covering all the best deals on Black Friday throughout the whole sales event, which is basically more than week-long at this stage, alongside all the Cyber Monday discounts. If you want to find the very best deals, that aren’t just the same old offers rehashed, then keep an eye on our dedicated Black Friday page, and make sure you’re following @IGNDeals on Twitter for all the best gaming deals updates, Black Friday, and beyond.

What to Expect: Xbox Video Game Deals during Black Friday 2020

Video games are going to be a big focus, and you’ve got lots of new releases to check out as well. New launch titles tend to not get massive discounts during Black Friday, but you might see the occasional price drop every so often. A few dollars here and there can save you a lot of cash, considering how many games there are to play this year. Spider-Man, Black Ops Cold War, Demon’s Souls, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, we could go on.

When it comes to Xbox, you might expect to see plenty of big third-party titles receiving some generous discounts. This will go hand in hand with any games receiving a free next-gen upgrade with Xbox Smart Delivery as well. Borderlands 3, for example, likes to drop to around $10 during big sales and will be getting a shiny new coat of paint on all of the next-gen systems.

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What to Expect: Xbox External Storage Deals this Black Friday

Accessories are another big talking point this year, especially when it comes to external storage capabilities. Xbox Series X is utilizing some extra slick SSD storage, but you might run out fast if you’re installing plenty of Game Pass titles or massive triple-A games like Call of Duty. Currently, the Series X and Series S storage can be upgraded with a $220 proprietary expansion card, which will add 920GB of usable space to the console. Orders for this are live, and we also don’t expect this will drop in price anytime soon.

What we might see, eventually, is the launch of a few more third-party SSD card that will work with the console as well, alongside the licensed Seagate expansion. USB 3.1 external hard drives can also be used to store games, but this option means stored games won’t receive the benefits of the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which should improve load times and performance. A solution to this, you can still transfer games over to the SSD, as and when you want to use them. This is still the more affordable option, and we’re expecting there will be a great number of external hard drive deals up for grabs come Black Friday.

What to Expect: Xbox Game Pass Black Friday 2020 Deals

When it comes to online membership deals, we’re fully expecting to see a few tasty discounts on Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. There’s already a confirmed deal at Best Buy launching on November 22, during its Black Friday sales, bringing a 3-Month Ultimate Pass down to just $22.99. That’s $22 off the list price, and we’d expect similar offers elsewhere as well. Game Pass Ultimate is definitely the membership you want to be sticking with when it comes to Xbox at the moment.

From the Xbox Series X launch, Game Pass is including an incredible library of games on console and PC, online multiplayer access with Live Gold, alongside the whole EA Play library of titles, and Cloud Streaming to your mobile devices with xCloud. Even for the regular $14.99 a month, this is a good deal. Make that only $7.66 with the upcoming discount, and we’re doing Black Friday business. Not only that but with the prospect of even more Bethesda titles coming to the service, because of the recent $7.5 billion acquisition in the works, the future is looking very bright for Xbox gamers.

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What to Expect: Xbox Controllers and More Accessory Deals During Black Friday 2020

Putting aside external storage, Black Friday is a great chance to score some cheaper Xbox accessories, especially for the new consoles. Here’s a trick, the old Xbox Wireless Controller will still work on the Series X or S. So if you see a cheap gamepad up for grabs, jump on it. These are perfect for allocating to your significant other, or any other significant mates who you need that extra controller for.

They will be easy to spot as well, just We’re expecting to see a few third-party headsets up for grabs that are usable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, as all the accessories for the Xbox consoles at the moment tend to be forward and backward-compatible. Another big deal to look out for will be wireless charging kits or charging stations in general. Xbox controllers will require a set of AA batteries, so best be on the lookout for any decent discounts on the best controller charging solutions.

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Will Xbox Consoles Be on Sale this Black Friday?

Quite honestly, it’s highly unlikely, but it could still happen. Xbox consoles are in short supply at the moment, with the only device consistently available being the Xbox One S. But even that’s at an all-around bad price considering the cost of a next-gen Xbox Series S for $299. There’s a chance we could see a few refurbished Xbox One X or Xbox One S pop up here or there, but we’d have to see a remarkably good discount for it to get any attention.

When it comes to the new consoles, they won’t go on sale. If they do, I’ll eat my hat and shoes. But, there’s a chance we could get a massive intake of stock at the launch of the consoles on November 10, meaning everyone and anyone will be finally able to get their hands on some next-gen Xbox tech. If more consoles do come available for preorder, or just get restocked after release day, making sure to follow @IGNDeals, and keep an eye on our dedicated Xbox Series X preorder guide for more updates.

What is Black Friday, and Why Is it a Big Deal for Gamers?

We all know the drill by now, but for those who don’t, this is for you. Black Friday has become something of a shopping tradition, situated on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA. Starting as a mostly in-store event, but now having a massive online presence as well, Black Friday has morphed into the biggest shopping sale of the year, and one of the best times to sort out whatever presents you’ve still got left to buy. Or, just stock up on all the delicious tech you’ve been eyeing up.

Despite its very clear title, Black Friday sales no longer just happen on one day. More often than not, the sales get stretched out over a matter of weeks, with the biggest deals finding themselves slap bang in the week of Black Friday. This year, Black Friday is on November 27, which means you should expect the very best deals to fall in and around November 22 – 30.

The reason the shopping event has become a big deal for gamers is basically the same as why it’s a big deal for everyone else. Stuff is expensive, and we want more stuff. To be more precise, gaming is rather expensive, and we want more video games. Every year more games and consoles come out, and we just can’t help but stick our hand in the cookie jar.

If you’re interested in everything else shopping-related, check out our predictions on PS4 and PS5 deals during Black Friday, alongside what to expect from Nintendo Switch during the Black Friday sales.

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Robert Anderson is a deals expert for IGN, he’s both excited and terrified at the prospect of Black Friday. Be nice and ask him how his day is going @robertliam21

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