Sealed First Edition Pokémon Trading Card Booster Box Sells For A Cool $360,000 | Nintendo Life

Smashes the record set in September.

Pokémon trading cards have steadily risen in value over the past few years, aided in no small measure by the fact that the franchise as a whole seems to be growing in popularity all the time. Those individuals who got into the TCG “back in the day” are now of the age that they have a little more disposable income, and as a result, the value of sealed packs has ballooned of late.

If you need hard evidence of this fact, consider this: a sealed first edition base set booster box from 1999 has just changed hands for a whopping $360,000. The exchange took place at the Heritage Auctions’ Comics & Comic Art Auction, an ongoing event which ends on November 21st. The winner was Thomas Fish, president of He also won a Pokémon Demo Game Sealed Booster Pack from 1998 for $22,800.

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