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Jim Carrey has had an absolute wild ride of a career; and life, for that matter.
But in 2020, all roads led to his role in Sonic the Hedgehog, where he brought his own signature zany humor into the character of Doctor Robotnik. However you all collectively felt about the Olive Garden-advertisement-laden Sonic film, I think most people would agree that for what he was given, he was pretty good! The Critics Choice Association agrees.
Formed in 1995, the Critics Choice Association (still one of the largest collective of film critics in North America) has been providing annual “super awards,” which recognize “superhero, science fiction/fantasy, horror, action, and animation” in ways that other associations don’t. It’s a neat idea, and among other winners for 2020 like Jamie Foxx for “best voice actor in an animated movie” for Soul, and “best actor in a horror movie” for Vince Vaughn in Freaky (I saw both, both enjoyable in their own way!), so too has Carrey won the “best villain” award for the aforementioned hedgehog flick.
Although 2020 wasn’t kind to films in general, Sonic launched at the very beginning of the year, and managed to snag a decent box office take alongside of positive video-on-demand reception (it was also one of the first VOD offerings for families to rent at the start of the pandemic). It was enough to get a sequel greenlit, which a lot of us will only hope involves copious amounts of Carrey.
Critics Choice Association [Super Awards]
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