How to play Age Of Empires 2 as a hivemind, and why it’s incredible | Rock Paper Shotgun

age-of-empires-2-hivemind-1212x682 How to play Age Of Empires 2 as a hivemind, and why it's incredible | Rock Paper Shotgun

Probably the most common woe, for all but the most unnaturally gifted players of real-time strategy games, is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Particularly in games from the genre’s “golden age” in the late 90s, there’s a relentless need to focus on several things at once, and endlessly jump back and forth between combat and economy. Age Of Empires 2, beautiful beast though it is, is certainly no exception, even with the concessions to modernity introduced in its Definitive Edition last year.

However. What if I was to tell you there was a way to play the game, totally unmodded, in a way that eliminates this concern entirely? Well, as the bloke off of Pirates Of The Carribean once memorably said, “you’d best start believing in posts about weird, gestalt-consciousness Age Of Empires sessions; ye’re in one.”


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