Razer have just unveiled the world’s maddest gaming chair | Rock Paper Shotgun

Razer-Project-Brooklyn-gaming-chair-1212x682 Razer have just unveiled the world's maddest gaming chair | Rock Paper Shotgun

CES has brought us some some bonkers bits of gaming tech in years gone by. Last year, it was Dell’s Alienware UFO Switch-alike. The year before that, it was Razer’s HyperSense prototype, a complete haptic feedback system designed to put you right in the centre of your gaming experience. This year, Razer have gone one step further and created what they’re hoping is going to be the ultimate gaming chair. Currently codenamed Project Brooklyn, this mad thing has a fold-out 60in OLED display that wraps around your head, and transformable arm rests that double-up as a keyboard tray. And, of course, it has Razer Chroma LEDs aplenty in the seat and base to light up your room with the same colours as what’s onscreen.


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