Random: Someone At Nintendo Keeps Writing The Word “Embiggen” In Scripts | Nintendo Life

It’s a perfectly cromulent word!

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “embiggen” as “to make bigger or more expansive”. Coined in 1996 by The Simpsons writer Dan Greaney, and used in the Season 7 episode, “Lisa The Iconoclast“, the word was later added to the dictionary in 2018 (thanks to Ms Marvel using it), making it totally legitimate to use in an essay.

So, it stands to reason that Nintendo is just… using a normal, ordinary word, with no knowledge of its provenance, right? Well, maybe, but we like to think that whoever’s writing scripts for Nintendo events and trailers is a massive Simpsons fan. In fact, we’d like to implore them, if they’re reading this: please bring back The Simpsons: Hit & Run. We promise we’ll play it.

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