Mini Review: Prehistorik Man – The Stone-Age Platformer That Time Forgot | Nintendo Life

You’re in real Barney Rubble now.

For a brief, shining period, the video game industry seemed to become obsessed with cavemen. We’re not sure why this is – the Flintstones remake can’t have accounted for all of it. Bonk’s Adventure, Caveman Games, BC Racers, Joe & Mac, Bignose the Caveman and more absolutely flooded the market with Mesozoic mascots. Titus’ DOS hop n’ bopper, Prehistorik, begat Prehistorik 2, which ultimately begat SNES title Prehistorik Man – the subject of this review. Following ports to both Game Boy Advance and DSiWare, it’s dropped on the Switch’s SNES app – and if you’ve spent the last 28 years ignoring it, now’s the time to give it a look.

It’s a strangely forward-thinking game, despite being set in the stone age. As well as expansive yet tightly-packed platforming levels rammed to the gills with bonuses and secrets, there’s also a decent line in gadgetry, offering that old-school “gameplay variation” by virtue of stages where you bounce around on a pogo stick or hang-glide across vast chasms. It has an Amiga-ish feel to its level design, but things are generally spruced up to suit the SNES audience who prefer their games a little less… abstract.

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