Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition hits one million sales | Destructoid

Bandai Namco has proudly announced that Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition has passed the one million sales milestone. The 2019 remaster of the Xbox 360 and PS3 release is available to purchase on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.
As a quick refresher, Tales of Vesperia is the story of an ex-Imperial Soldier named Yuri Lowell, who forms their own rebellious party – The Brave Vesperia – in order to aid a noblewoman in need named Estelle. Like many rollicking anime RPGs of its kind, Tales of Vesperia features city-hopping quests, a wide cast of colorful heroes and villains, some class war, some pathos, and even a little romance. Vesperia was praised at launch for revitalizing the Tales series, with some critics calling it the series’ best entry yet.

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