Rainbow Six Siege eyeing evolution with new branding and gameplay changes | Destructoid

With the coming of a brand new generation of gaming, many popular franchises are, naturally, gearing up for the launch of new sequels. Franchises such as Overwatch, Resident Evil, Diablo, Call of Duty, and many other blockbuster series are currently preparing fresh new entries for their respective brands, embracing the power of modern tech by going back to the drawing board, figuratively speaking.
Eschewing this “next-gen restart” is tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. As declared back in 2020, the team behind Ubisoft’s mega-popular multiplayer title have made the decision not to develop a “Rainbow Six Siege 2” – instead choosing to continue evolving the title from its present state. The first step toward this goal was taken back in December 2020, when Siege made the leap onto new platforms PS5 and Xbox Series X. The overhaul is set to continue throughout 2021 and beyond, via the application of a catalogue of technical tweaks, gameplay overhauls, content drops, operator reworks, and even a new coat of paint.

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