Review: Haven – It Takes Two To Fully Enjoy This Space-Age Love Story | Nintendo Life

Huggin’ and a-kissin’, dancin’ and a-lovin’.

Although it’s not about the pandemic (and it’s been in development for much longer than we’ve all been trapped inside), Haven is a game that came at exactly the right time, because its message is all about two lovers, alone together for the foreseeable future. Having escaped the Aviary – a futuristic colony in which the “u” in utopia has fallen off to reveal that it was a dystopia all along – Yu and Kay live alone together on Source, an archipelago of space-islands connected by magical electricity bridges.

That magical electricity is called Flow, and it dominates the game as both a source of energy and a method of movement. Yu and Kay can fly, as long as they have enough Flow in their batteries, and they can follow long, winding Flow Threads to reach new areas and collect more Flow. Most of the space-islands they travel to are corrupted by the mysterious pink goo that they call “Rust”, and in Super Mario Sunshine-style, they can clean it up by flying over it (again, as long as they have Flow in their batteries), collecting Rust as they go for crafting purposes.

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