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It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. I don’t need to write another lengthy, misty-eyed intro on how my entire formative life years were spent squinting in the noisy din of the arcade, breathing cigarette smoke into my young lungs, straightening out fivers to feed into antsy change machines, and to trying leave as broad-shouldered as possible through sinister gangs eyeing you up for 50p coins… Well, I guess I just did, but with rose-tinted glasses I have nothing.
Still, the good folk over at Capcom are offering you younglings the opportunity to relive the excitement of those halcyons days. All of the games without the constant feeding of quarters, long wait in lines, or graduation from The School of Getting The Shit Kicked Out of Me. Capcom Arcade Stadium brings together a bevy of coin-guzzling classics in one easy package, offering a veritable hall of entertainment in one handheld device.
I’d love to accurately convey how the very idea of having over 30 arcades – that at the time felt like the most complex and compelling video games of all-time – packaged as a simple, carry-around piece of casual entertainment seemed like the stuff of a madman’s dream back in 1992, but the last thing I need is more clock-spinning self-reflection. Let’s just get to the action, folks.

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