Review: Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection – A Masochistic Medieval Marvel | Nintendo Life

Give ‘em Hell.

Tokuro Fujiwara is back in town, and his mission is murder. TheGhosts ’n Goblins foreman has been summoned by his former employer, Capcom, to impart pain and suffering upon the gaming masses, and he’s come at it with gusto. To put a fine point on the conjecture surrounding Resurrection, it is indeed anvil-through-the-skull hard; an assembly of barbaric, indiscriminate violence designed to harvest your soul and sell it into satanic slavery.

It’s harder from the outset on its default difficulty setting, Legend, and the next down, Knight, than pretty much everything in the series prior. Legend is an atrocity that spits in your face and laughs, out to break you like Ivan Drago. Here, Skeleton Murderers don’t just come at you in droves within the first twenty seconds, they run like the wind from both left and right. Stages are vast, heaving with pitfalls and traps, and the landscape shifts constantly, often requiring quick reflexes to access out-of-reach sections. If you can run up a toppling monument before it hits the ground in an early section of the Graveyard, you’re rewarded with a hidden chest at its peak; while other secrets, such as purple vortexes leading to a series of increasingly difficult survival challenges, are better concealed.

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