Review: Taxi Chaos – A Crazy Taxi Spiritual Successor That Fails To Go The Extra Mile | Nintendo Life

Ticket to ride?

It’s been a minute since we last got a proper, honest-to-God taxi driving game. Putting aside a couple of questionable mobile spin-offs, Sega’s own Crazy Taxi series has remained dormant for more than a decade. Since then, of course, even the word ‘taxi’ has largely been relegated from the English language for the far less fashionable ‘Uber’ (though we’re fairly confident there will never be a ‘Crazy Uber’ game). The world is a much different place than it was back when Crazy Taxi launched, and the genre has, by and large, gone the way of the Dodo.

Thankfully, Taxi Chaos is somewhat of a ‘spiritual successor’ to the Crazy Taxi franchise. It’s an admirable modern take on the genre, proving that games like this still have a place in 2021 – although we’re disappointed to report that its overall appeal is diminished by flawed gameplay, lack of longevity, and a few annoying glitches.

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