Borderlands movie casts villain, will remain ‘authentic to characters, tone and style’ | Destructoid

Lionsgate’s cinematic adaptation of Borderlands promises to retain the characters, world, and overall tone of the video games, while allowing for new and original storytelling within the wastelands of Pandora. At least that’s the score according to Eli Roth, who will be sitting in the director’s chair for the star-studded movie, which starts rolling later in 2021.
Roth made the comments in a recent interview with Deadline, where the goremeister addressed the plot of the upcoming movie. Borderlands will see a team of unlikely heroes on a hazardous quest to locate and protect the daughter of “the universe’ most powerful S.O.B.” Atlas, as the child allegedly wields unimaginable power that could shape the destiny of not only Pandora, but the entire universe.

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