Feature: Nihon Falcom’s Trails Of Cold Steel Rivals Game Of Thrones In The Worldbuilding Stakes | Nintendo Life

How the Trails series brought life to Zemuria.

Much like its predecessors, we had a fair wait until The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV reached western audiences. First launched three years ago, Cold Steel IV finally arrived in the West last year on PS4 to great reviews and, come April 9th, Switch owners can experience how Nihon Falcom’s latest RPG saga wraps up. Following on from Cold Steel III’s Switch launch in 2020, the presence of numbers three and four might make you question where the western Switch versions of Cold Steel I & II have got to; for such a story-driven saga, starting with number three is an odd move which robs players o the series’ incredibly rich history.

If you’re not familiar, Trails (A.K.A. Kiseki) is a sub-series within The Legend of Heroes franchise, although after eleven entries, it has basically replaced it now. Set across the Zemurian continent, the games are divided into their own arcs, each bringing us incredible tales between Zemuria’s nations.

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