Talking Point: Which Indie Game Should Be “99”ed Next? | Nintendo Life

Nintendo’s Battle Royale games keep coming.

Tetris 99. Pac-Man 99. Super Mario Bros. 35 99. Flake 99. Oh, no, sorry, that last one’s a delicious summertime treat, not a video game. But you get the point: we’re seeing a new trend emerge, even though it’s based on an old new trend: the Battle Royale.

The premise behind the 99 series of games is simple: 99 (or 35) people enter the ring, play the same game, and keep going as they’re slowly eliminated until one rules victorious over the 98 (or 34) losers. Rinse and repeat. It’s as easy to learn as the alphabet, and as addictive as Haribo Tangfastics (who did not sponsor this post, by the way, I’m just hungry. Although, hi, Haribo, if you’re reading this. Call me).

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