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The question of where to buy the Xbox Series X doesn’t seem like it will have an obvious answer any time soon, and it’s a shame. With so many new games coming to Game Pass, and features like quick resume and load times that are essentially zero, it’s a great machine. If you plan on getting an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S in the future, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the deals on games. The backwards compatibility cooked right into the Series X and Series S means you can take advantage of deals from last-gen and bring the enjoyment forward.

As far as Xbox deals go, the EA Play/Game Pass conversion trick remains the best possible deal on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With MLB The Show 21 coming to Game Pass on its release day of April 20, and more and more Game Pass games being announced all the time, the conversion trick makes an incredible value even better. Details are below, or you can jump to the game deals with the link below.

Best Xbox Game Pass Deal

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It’s not popular to say out loud, but Game Pass has single-handedly made the Xbox Series X my favorite of the two next-gen consoles. Not trying to throw shade at Sony’s admirable offerings for PlayStation Plus members, it’s just the selection of games on Game Pass is so varied and some of the games reach back as far as the original Xbox. Whether you’re looking to play MLB The Show 21 on release day, or want to go back and revisit the original Xbox’s Fusion Frenzy (for whatever reason), I cannot recommend Game Pass enough. With the Bethesda acquisition, you can revisit those games as part of your subscription. I started a new Oblivion playthrough, because why not?

Microsoft lets you sign up for the first 3-months for just $1, to really get its hooks into you. Once you set yourself up with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can convert then convert an EA Play membership into an Ultimate membership. Step one is, of course, have a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate. Step 2 is buy 12-months of EA Live and add it to your Microsoft Account. The 12-months of EA Live will automatically convert to 4 months of Game Pass Ultimate, and with EA Live codes currently listed for $29.99 at Amazon, you’re getting a massive discount. That works out to Game Pass Ultimate for just about $7.50 a month when you use this trick, or a 50% savings over the regular price.

Where to Find Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S

In spite of the fact the newest generation of 4K Xbox hit the streets on November 10 and it’s still not easy to get your hands on one. Even the Xbox Series S, the more affordable (but lower-powered) version of Microsoft’s newest Xbox is still hard to find in the wild, but as mentioned previously, you can get a Series S at Walmart through the All-Access program.

It’s still not great we can’t just walk into a store and walk out with a new Xbox, and if you’re looking for where to buy PS5, the situation is even worse.

When stock is available, here’s where you’ll be able to buy Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S:

Where to Buy Xbox Series X

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Where to Buy Xbox Series S

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Xbox Series X Bundles

One way retailers have been working to thwart scaplers is by offering Xbox bundles. Instead of just the console, you get the console and a couple games, for example. It’s not the best solution if you only want to buy the console, but it’s also much easier to get one of the bundles. GameStop in particular has been offering bundles with regularity, and they last much longer than the consoles by themselves. If you can swing it, or if you were going to buy a couple games anyway, buying an Xbox Series X bundle is a great option to consider… when they’re available, at least.

Xbox Game Deals

As far as deal on Xbox games go, pickings are pretty slim right now. The usual suspects, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Fenyx Rising, are on sale at a few outlets, but for the most part deals on actual games are pretty thin right now.

Amazon Xbox Game Deals

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Walmart Xbox Game Deals

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Best Buy Xbox Game Deals

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GameStop Xbox Game Deals

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Xbox Controller and Accessories Deals

Right now there’s really only one deal happening on Xbox controllers, and it will probably go quickly. Walmart has refurbished¬†Elite Series 2 controllers for $137.98¬†right now. If you’re a little hesitant to buy something refurbed, you can always add the 2-year extended warranty and the price still comes out lower than new.

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