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Cliff Bleszinski, also known as “Cliffy B,” has been an enigmatic figure ever since the launch of Gears of War, but no matter how you slice it, I think the industry is better with him in it.
Following the closure of Boss Key Productions I’ve missed his impact on the industry, and I found myself wanting him back in the fray these past few years. Well, I might get my wish, based on a new cryptic tweet.
This week, he tweeted: “And, yes, for the record, I’m working on some new stuff, and you should know every damned day it’s agonizing to not talk about it.” So in a follow-up tweet, Cliff notes: “bear in mind it might not necessarily be a video game.” However, he also has a playful conversation with Rami Ismail, famed co-founder Vlambeer (which is no more), in that same breath.
So “new stuff” could involve both game and non-game projects. Cliff has been involved in the latter as of these past few years following the closure of Boss Key, including Broadway production.
What am I hoping for? A Jazz Jackrabbit revival. It’s time! Get a killer art team to do the visuals and bring it back for $10 on every platform you can muster.
Cliff Bleszinski [Twitter]
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