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Hi everyone! I’m Anabela, your weekly super duper variety streamer extraordinaire! Tonight I’m streaming Magic: The Gathering Arena on Destructoid’s Twitch channel starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.
With the release of Strixhaven (Magic: The Gathering’s Harry Potter-esque themed set), we have a lot of new cards and a brand new evolving meta to experience. I used to play only standard ranked, but lately I’ve gotten into drafting and learning new cards on the fly, which is incredibly fun — it adds spice to the gameplay which standard so often lacks.
Today I’ll be unpacking 90 Strixhaven booster packs in MTG: Arena and I hope you’ll join me in what I find! Can’t wait to craft both standard and limited decks! PS: Limited players beware of the Golgari.
A bit about me: As I was growing up, my older brother shaped my interests in games and fantasy culture. We were obsessed with dragons, fantasy books, world and creature building, you name it. Most of our time was spent hanging out and chattily imagining things. We dipped into Pokémon when I was six with trading cards, figurines, and books, but even our very first video games on our Dad’s computer were split right down to the controls; he would do movements and I’d do action buttons. Over time we tried dozens of games, however RuneScape, D&D, and Pokémon always stuck with me the most.
It’s been almost two years since I first started streaming. I tend to stream all sorts of games now, but my favorite genres came to be RPGs, puzzles, adventure, and strategy — bonus if it’s fantasy-themed or an MMO that I can play with my friends and an instant favorite if the atmosphere is just right! Alongside trying new games together, my heart is in our bubbly banter while we all talk it up in chat. I’m so happy to have met people who have the same passion as I do for all these games and cool hobbies.
But how did I get here? A while back, Destructoid hosted its “So You Think You Can Stream?” contest. It was my first time entering any type of serious contest, but I still wanted to shoot my shot and really get out there. Although I didn’t win, I was elated to hear that my audition stood out and there was an opportunity for me to come on board to stream alongside Dreezy on the Dtoid channel.
Come catch me live at Destructoid’s Twitch channel every Friday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern! Let’s chat it up about anything and everything while playing cool games! I hope to meet you there. 🙂
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