Feature: Developers Respond To The Recent Twitter Furore Over The Definition Of ‘Game Dev’ | Nintendo Life

A little more context than 280 characters can cope with.

Last week, a Twitter debate broke out over the exact definition of a ‘game developer’ and to whom that term can be ascribed. Should the title be extented to anyone contributing to the development of the game or be reserved solely for those with direct creative input? Are QA staff ‘developers’ or do you have to write code to qualify? What about artists? Writers? Publishers? Players? Okay, perhaps not players, although Early Access and Beta periods can muddy the waters even there.

This semantic argument spilled out beyond the confines of Twitter’s character limit — as so many online spats do — and drew comment from a host of onlookers, including various industry professionals. Nintendo Life staffers Tom and Kate — both with experience in the industry from the other side of the video gaming veil — sat down recently for a virtual chat to discuss their thoughts on his disagreement and how it reflects a fundamental misunderstanding about how video games are created. Twitter is a fantastic forum for quick, snappy debate, but it’s rarely the place for nuanced reasoning or takes that go beyond a combative tone or a blunt “NO, YOU’RE WRONG!!!!11″.

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