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Nightdive Studios does important work. Sure, there are a lot of companies out there that are all about remaking and remastering old games, but few of them dredge the bottom of the swamp for games that lay forgotten by time. It’s one thing to resurrect a game that was near and dear to many, but it’s another thing to dust one off that a lot of people may have missed out on. Not everyone remembers Strife or Forsaken, but they’re no less deserving of a remaster than, say, Kingdom Hearts.
This time they’ve dug up a body that I recognize, but I swear I don’t know how it got there. Shadow Man is a 1999 game from Acclaim that landed on the PC, N64, PS1, and Dreamcast. I recall seeing it on the rental shelf enough that I at least remember it, but I think it was too out there for my young mind, so I never picked it up. This is my first visit to Deadside, and I almost wish I dropped in sooner.

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