Feature: Pokémon Origin Stories – The Inspiration Behind Your Favourite Pocket Monsters | Nintendo Life

A quarter-century of Pokémon designs.

Pokémon is a juggernaut of a franchise. Countless games, movies, merchandise and mobile apps make this literally the biggest media franchise ever made in terms of cold hard cash. Of course this couldn’t have happened without long-lasting appeal, and one area that the franchise nearly always seems to nail down is the monster designs.

Every generation (arguably) adds several fan favourites that take inspiration from the new areas they are meant to represent. It’s why the latest region, Galar — based on Great Britain — has a teapot Pokémon and an adorable Corgi monster called Yamper. And after many different Pokémon regions we have a lot of interesting inspirations and origins for the hundreds of Pocket Monsters currently available.

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