How Chicory: A Colorful Tale fuses creativity and colors with Zelda | Destructoid

2018’s Wandersong was a game about a bard, who used the power of music and singing to change people’s lives for the better. There were grander stakes for sure, but at its core, it was about helping people and singing. A lot of singing.
Developer Greg Lobanov is back, but rather than dulcet tones, he’s turned to brushstrokes and watercolors with Chicory: A Colorful Tale, an upcoming game about painting the world. The titular Chicory is a hero, a legendary artist who wields the powerful and magical Brush. You don’t play her; you’re just her number-one fan, who cleans up after Chicory’s messes, until one day Chicory vanishes and you’re left in possession of the Brush in a world that’s suddenly devoid of color.

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