Deathsmiles, Cotton, Psikyo, and Strikers among the shmup headlines out of Daikanshasai 2021 | Destructoid

This past weekend was a very exciting one for shmup fans, as it saw the 2021 edition of Japan’s Shooting Game Daikanshasai presentation, bringing a full magazine of headlines regarding the timeless and beloved shmup genre — one of the most niche and enduring mediums of video game since the humble Space Invaders launches back in 1978.
While yours truly has definitely fallen a little behind the times with this adrenaline-filled genre, I’m so happy that it still has a global community of followers in the modern gaming environment. So let’s take a look at some of the news that came out of this year’s event. Thanks to Gematsu for translated information taken from the weekend’s stream.

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