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The Switch UI has been surprisingly dormant since it was released.
While it gets the job done in some respects, it lacks a lot of modern features like folders and other perks. Plus, the menu sound design is a huge downgrade compared to the Wii and Wii U. So every few months someone takes it upon themselves to upgrade the UI with a fan mockup: and I have to say, pretty much all of them are on point.
Take this one from Redditor¬†Frieznburg. It’s still elegant and clean, like the current official UI, but it allows users to add games to folders that look uniform with the other game icons. What I really like about it is that it showcases the “hours played” data right there on the main page when you highlight a game, as well as the release date. For reference, they used Figma to craft all this.
This isn’t as drastic as some other redesigns, so I suspect that a lot of folks are going to be down with it. One common complaint when it comes to fan mockups is that they’re “too busy or superfluous,” and to some extent, I do agree that the official setup does look great when juxtaposed to the somewhat messy PS5 OS, or the Xbox interface.
But still, there is a way to add both functionality and flair to the Switch UI, and I’m eagerly awaiting the day that Nintendo actually implements some of these features.
Switch Home Redesign (Fan-Made) [Reddit]
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