Pokemon…snap? Pairing a Switch Joy-Con to take photos on your phone looks like fun | Destructoid

Look at that timing! New Pokemon Snap is out today on Switch and someone went ahead and posted about remote Joy-Con picture taking. Life just kind of works out like that sometimes.
Redditor Byotan showed us this neat little trick, where you can pair your Joy-Con to your phone to take pictures remotely, with the controller serving as a shutter button. It’ll work for pretty much any Bluetooth device, including some headphones, Bluetooth remote shutter devices, and Bluetooth controllers: but the Switch Joy-Con just feels right.
Remote picture taking has myriad uses, including framing up a perfect shot without moving the camera, or capturing a subject that you may not be able to get close to. Having picked up bird watching recently, I can relate to the natter necessity!
Note that it works on Android devices, as standard iOS ones don’t play nice with Switch controllers. Also, and this is very important: the Pikachu toy is from the 2012 Latin America McDonalds Pokemon set.
TIL you can pair a joycon with your phone and use it as a shutter button to take photos remotely [Reddit]

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