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Cblogs of 4/24 to 4/30/2021

-La Terry responds to April’s Band of Bloggers prompt by writing about how Nier: Replicant subverted their genre expectations.
-Black Red Gaming writes about 007 Legends, the James Bond game that almost killed the video game future of the franchise.
-Exber responds to April’s Band of Bloggers prompt by writing about several games that exceeded expectations.
-Lord Spencer reviews Klonoa: Door to Phantomile as part of his PS1 REVIEWS blogging series.
-Solidsnape writes about how Battlefield 4 still holds the flag of the franchise.
-RedHeadPeak writes about how some videogame storytelling focuses on talking too much instead of showing the story (JRPGs are particularly guilty of this).
-Famutimi writes about the importance of Lidia Sobieska of Tekken 7 in the canon of women video game characters.
-Solidsnape shares their thoughts on Scavengers Early Access gameplay.
-Deatheagle writes about how Epic cross-platform policy without matchmaking parameters ruined Fortnite on the Switch.
-Kerrik52 celebrates finishing their Tales series retrospective blogs and takes a well-earned break.
-Black Red Gaming shares a list of their most anticipated games to be released in May.
-Damien Quicksilver writes about “Antstream”, a streaming service for retro games.

-PhilsPhindings discussed the similarities between the soundtrack of Paper Mario 64 and Latin Music.
-NinjaSpeed tries to craft a corner of sunshine in the black abyss of the internet, go and bask in the positivity.
-Taterchimp shares a number of Keto diet recipes.
-ABowlOfCereal continues writing balancing suggestion blogs about Guardian Tales.
-Taterchimp reminds you that their Final Fantasy VI charity stream is starting May 1st, check it out.
-Narwhalnut updates us on the progress of their video game, Belle Boomerang.
-ChronoLynxx opens another TGIF community forum for open discussion.

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