Lake builds on the simple beauty of delivering mail around a lake | Destructoid

It is 1986. Computers are only just beginning to see widespread adoption, and you the player, as software developer Meredith, are in a mail truck in your hometown, helping the local postman figure out if he needs one.
He remarks that it might help with taxes, as he’s never been great at maintaining his books. “Sure, there are programs for that,” Meredith says. “But you’ll still have to put in some work yourself.”
That’s how Lake, an upcoming game best described as a narrative mail delivery sim, starts out. Meredith is back in her hometown of Providence Oaks, a town built around a gorgeous lake, to fill her father’s spot as mailman for two weeks. Set apart from the hustle and bustle of a city life where she works overtime on life management software (yes, there is a sense of irony to it), Meredith’s work-cation is a temporary reprieve. Well, it can be.

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